By law, all internships are unpaid and under 90 days.

Our St Petersburg campus offers entrepreneurship-oriented internships within a very close community in a dynamic urban setting, dominated by the Arts and a very strong chamber of commerce.

Morean Arts Center
(Operations Internship)
The mission of the Morean Arts Center is to connect people with art through innovative, community-oriented art and art education and to contribute to the economic development of the region.

St Petersburg Art Alliance (Marketing and Operations Internship)
The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance provides leadership for the financial success, quality, diversity, and organizational stability of the arts and cultural community of St. Petersburg. Ideal for stduents who want to work on Digital Marketing, Event Organization, and Social Network Community Management. Must be interested in the promotion of the arts under all its forms. 

St Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce (Marketing and Communications Internships)
The Sunshine City (and area ) 's preeminent leader of business in order to ensure the economic growth and vitality of the community. This is for stduents interested in Event Planning and Digital Marketing. 

The Green House (Operations Internship)
The Green House is a partnership between the City of St Petersburg and the St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce which was created to foster and help all start-ups in St Petersburg. It provides forum, classes, training and counseling to all start-up member companies who need help. This is an ideal intership for all stduents interested in Entrepreneurship, Event Planning and Marketing or Public Relations. Excellent forum called ! million Cups that is attended every Wednesday by all students in the institute and the business community. 

The Florida CraftArts (Operations and Marketing Internship)
An art organization with a large gallery which represents hundreds of craft artists, promotes them in the heart of the Art Community of St Petersburg, one of the leading Art community in the SoutEast Region of the US. represents artists from Florida and organizes a traveling exhibition as well. This is a great opportunity for students interested in NGOs, Art, Public Relations and Digital Marketing.


Adrien BACHOU- Universite de BORDEAUX- Winter 2016
Je tiens à remercier le B.E.A.U Institute, son créateur Monsieur Philippe BEAU, ainsi que la directrice de programme Mademoiselle Camill...
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Matthieu Valentin - Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Pau - November 2014
I really liked my internship; I helped with planning events and I attended them too, and I worked on several marketing campaigns that allowed be to pe...
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Clement Baderot - INSEEC Paris - August 2013
This experience taught me a lot, not only in term of skills or tools, it helped me improve myself, being more organized and rigorous, and for the firs...
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Amine Oulkasse - Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Pau - December 2013
The oral presentation approach is better because we had to speak in English, and we worked as we would have in a company....
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