Fifth largest city in the third largest state in the United States, "The Sunshine City", as St. Petersburg is nicknamed, is recognized as a major cultural and artistic destination in the southeastern United States.

The city has numerous museums, including world-famous ones such as the Dali Museum, which has the world's largest collection of the Spanish painter, as well as a variety of independent galleries, a very large community of artists and artisans whose workshops and galleries are an integral part of the artistic landscape of St. Petersburg. Finally, the city boasts numerous theaters such as the American Stage or the Mahaffey Theater which hosts the Florida Orchestra.
St. Petersburg offers visitors and residents an exclusive perspective on art and culture.

The B.E.A.U. Institute takes advantage of this context to offer numerous internships in art and culture. Similarly, and because St. Petersburg is a dynamic city with nearly 16 000 companies, the Institute also offers internships focused on entrepreneurship and business.

Our students are lodged in downtown St. Petersburg, at 465 7th Avenue North, close to the internships and to the St. Petersburg College, where Mr. BEAU's courses are held.


Guillaume Escallier-Duront - Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Pau - Novembre 2014
My internship was great, and I learned from an incredible mentor....
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Antoine Bouju - University of Bordeaux - October 2013
My internship took place in Florida in a city called Clearwater and more exactly on an island in the Gulf of Mexico, which is the tourist part of the ...
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Clement Baderot - INSEEC Paris - August 2013
This experience taught me a lot, not only in term of skills or tools, it helped me improve myself, being more organized and rigorous, and for the firs...
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Clemence Illand - Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Pau - November 2013
Classes helped a lot to understand the context of our internship. The interview is a really good idea before the placement to understand what the ...
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